Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 SMA Semester 2 Kurikulum Merdeka Beserta Kunci Jawaban

- Jumat, 26 Mei 2023 | 16:15 WIB
Kunci Jawaban PAS Bahasa Inggris. (Wokandapix/Pixabay)
Kunci Jawaban PAS Bahasa Inggris. (Wokandapix/Pixabay)

C. Because he was a member of Sarekat Islam

D. Because he was born into a noble family

Jawaban: A

4. What IS NOT TRUE about Taman Siswa?

A. Ki Hajar Dewantoro was founder of Taman Siswa

B. The 1st Taman Siswa was established in 1922

C. In 1930 the Dutch colonial government subsidized Taman Siswa

D. Western subject was prohibited for Taman Siswa

Jawaban: D

5. Dewantoro continued his leadership of Taman Siswa after the war and upon his death was acclaimed a national hero. The underlined word 'Acclaimed' has the closest meaning with ...

A. Praised

B. Criticized

C. Announced

D. Declared

Jawaban: D


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